Testing & Placement

MSU Moorhead recognizes several examinations of prior learning for credit toward your college degree. The following will provide you with an overview of each form of testing and placement currently accepted by MSUM.

There is a new method to allow students to pull up their course placement for English and Math in eServices. This information will indicate which courses a student places into based on their measures (test scores, HS GPA).

For a student to view their course placement in eServices, login with star id and password, go the left hand menu and choose “Courses & Registration” > “Course Placement”. Click on the blue “Calculate Course Placements” button. Below is the example of what the student will see:My Course Placement screen in eServices

Based on the student’s test scores and measures, they qualify for the higher level math courses listed. They also qualify for the English course that is listed. **Writing placement is for placement into ENGL 099 or 101.

We do NOT use Reading Placement.

Due to this course placement implementation, the way pre-requisites are listed on the course schedule for these MATH and ENGL courses is also different.*Courses are always listed separate from the course placement benchmark. The course placement benchmark includes HS GPA and test scores.

Please see the example below:

ENGL 101 Small Section

Prerequisites (Courses and Tests)

In this example, it lists ENGL 099 as a course pre-req. It also lists MSUM ENGL 101 Small Section. The pre-req no longer gives a long list of test scores, just the name of the benchmark.