Residency & Reciprocity

There are special agreements reached between various states allowing you to pay tuition rates which are less than the non-resident rates. These arrangements are called reciprocity agreements.

How Do I Know if I am a qualified as Minnesota Resident?

Resident status is determined by the state of residence indicated by the student on the application for admission. Students must have resided in Minnesota for one calendar year immediately prior to the start of their term of application. Residency must not be primarily for the purpose of attending a college or university. If there is a need to verify residency, a student will need to prove that they have established a permanent residence in Minnesota. Permanent residence is the place to which a person intends to return after temporary absences. A person may have only one permanent residence at a time.

An undergraduate non-degree seeking student in non-resident status will pay non-resident tuition unless reciprocity is approved for you by your home state. It is important to apply for reciprocity early to avoid charges for late payment of tuition bills. You are responsible for the entire non-resident tuition until reciprocity has been approved.

Detailed Information on MN Resident Status Minnesota State Board State Residency Policy

There are currently reciprocity agreements between Minnesota and…

All Manitoba students receive automatic reciprocity if you indicated you are a Manitoba resident on your admission application.

All transfer students (or students who graduated from high school more than 12 months prior to attendance at MSUM) must apply to the state of North Dakota for reciprocity. You may apply online or use the paper application.

Freshmen students entering directly from high school (within 12 months after graduation) for fall or spring terms, need NOT apply for reciprocity.

ND Reciprocity Website & Forms

All Wisconsin students must apply to the state of Wisconsin for reciprocity. You may apply online or use the paper application.

WI Reciprocity Website & Forms


It is important that you select the correct academic year when applying for reciprocity and follow the instructions on the respective state websites. Once you have become eligible for reciprocity, you remain so unless you change schools or do not earn at least one credit during reciprocity year. In either of these cases, you must reapply for reciprocity.

Who do I contact about residency and reciprocity?

Susan (Sue) Bertsch,
OAS Senior
Registrar's Office
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