Tax Documents

The 1098-T Tuition Tax Statement is an informational tax form filed with the IRS on behalf of a student by their college or university. The form includes payment and scholarship information for the tax year that may be useful in determining any educational tax benefit.

To receive electronic delivery of the 1098-T Tuition Tax Statement, a link is displayed to eligible students in the ‘Action Items’ section of the dashboard in student eServices. To indicate acceptance, the student must click on the message and ‘consent’ to receiving their tax document(s) electronically. Once approved, the tax document (and any former tax documents) will become available immediately in the student’s eServices.

When a new tax document becomes available, the student will be notified both by email and a notice in their eServices ‘Action Items’ that says *IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT AVAILABLE*. By clicking on the link, they will be able to view and download a PDF version of their tax form(s). This electronic version is available sooner than the U.S. mail version.

How To View Your Tax Documents

  1. Log in to the eServices website
  2. Click on “Bills and Payments” menu item.
  3. Click on “1098-T Form” menu item.
  4. The first time you will need to give consent. Click on "Enrollment for Electronic Tax Form(s)" to give consent by selecting each item and pushing the confirm button. The next time you select "1098-T Tax Form" Menu item your documents will be available. Tax forms will be available after January 31st of each year and are available back to calendar year 2003.

Please contact Business Services with any questions.