Contribution & Influence Pathway

The Contribution and Influence Pathway is designed to help you explore your strengths and talents along with how to engage others in action to create positive social change. If you’re looking for personal development while you're here at MSUM, then this Pathway is for you. It is designed to grow with you over time - so that you can keep leveling-up your skills.

Take the time to discover more of how you can contribute to a team and how you can bring positive change to the world with experiences in the Contribution and Influence Pathway. Items in this pathway are especially helpful to Dragons in student organizations or who have jobs. Here’s a little tidbit: You’re already a leader in many ways, so complete this Pathway to make sure you’re expanding your knowledge and skills.

Skill Areas

There are four skill areas:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Engaged Citizenship
  • Teamwork

More details on each can be found on DragonCentral!