A family of Dragons: Three siblings' journey from Congo to MSUM

Angele and Priscille Munganga were first drawn to MSUM by their older brother, Elkana Munganga, who graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 2022. Elkana was attracted by MSUM’s diversity and the welcoming staff helping him with the application process. His positive experience impacted his sister’s decision to join MSUM. 

"Living far from family is hard," Angele says. "I wanted to be closer to my brother, and MSUM was the perfect choice." 

Angele is majoring in Business Analytics. Her passion for the business world, combined with her interests in marketing and management, led her to this field. Angele appreciates how approachable and supportive professors are, highlighting professor Atif Osmani, who has been a significant mentor. 

"Professor Osmani helped me with research beyond the classroom and guided me through future career inquiries," Angele says. "The professors at MSUM are not only knowledgeable but also truly invested in our success." 

Priscille, however, first wanted to major in pre-medicine but switched to Nursing for more patient interaction. “I was attracted by the academic level of the nursing program,” Priscille says. 

Priscille values the hands-on experience provided by clinicals and the constant support from her instructors, which makes the nursing program enjoyable. 

"The instructors walk with you through every process and are always there to answer questions," Priscille says. "Clinicals allow us to apply what we learn in real-life situations, which is incredibly valuable."

Transitioning to MSUM was smoother than the sisters expected, thanks to the international community. "It was awesome to feel that I am not the only one far from home," Angele says.  

Both sisters actively participate in campus activities that celebrate diversity, such as the Sash Ceremony and Celebration of Nations, which help increase cultural awareness and the sense of belonging on campus. 

Angele works as an office assistant in the Center for Global Engagement office, where she has developed her communication, leadership, and organizational skills. Her role involves welcoming new students during orientations and planning events. 

"I was very introverted initially, but this job has helped me develop my communication and leadership skills," Angele says. "It's a big responsibility because you must provide a good experience to new students." 

Priscille is involved in the MSUM Student Nursing Association, a space that allows nursing students to build relationships and support beyond the classroom. 

Both sisters are optimistic about the future. Angele plans to apply her business analytics skills in a dynamic career, while Priscille looks forward to having a career in nursing, providing care, and making a difference in people's lives. 

"MSUM has equipped us with real-life experiences, connections, and a supportive community," Angele says. "We are confident and ready for future opportunities." 

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