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    Value of Media Relations

    Creating professional relationships with the media is an integral part of any institution. We want to share with the community and region the exciting and positive things happening with our students, faculty, staff and alumni to create a healthy and positive image for our university.

    MSUM in the news is an objective way to tell our story, and we want to provide reporters with accurate and newsworthy information.

    When a Reporter Calls

    Reporters work with tight deadlines and face pressures that come with understaffed newsrooms. When a reporter calls we want to: respond quickly, be flexible, and provide accurate information.

    If you are not the right person to talk to on a certain topic, please refer the reporter to the correct person or to the Marketing & Communications Office.

    If a reporter calls unexpectedly, tell them you will call them back in 15 minutes and gather your thoughts. If you wait too long to respond the opportunity may be lost. Prepare for the tough questions you may be asked. If you’d like help preparing for an interview, call the Marketing & Communications Office at 218.477.2239.

    If the media has interviewed you, please share it with us at

    Media Interview tips

    1. Answer questions and bridge to positive points.
    2. Be confident, you’re the expert.
    3. Avoid speculation.
    4. Avoid technical terms, jargon, and acronyms. Use simple language.
    5. Don’t say, “No comment.” If you can’t answer, explain why.
    6. Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know, but I can find out for you.”
    7. For TV and radio keep answers short. The average TV sound bite is seven seconds.
    8. Be honest.
    9. Don’t expect to approve the story before it is printed.
    10. If there is an error in a story, please inform the reporter, but be respectful. You are representing the university.

    For more tips, contact the Marketing & Communications Office.