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  • WordPress

    Wordpress is software that can be used to create websites and blogs. A blog is a web site in which information (text, images, videos, links, etc.) is posted and usually displayed in reverse chronological order. Individual articles on a blog are called posts. Blogs often focus on a particular area of interest. They can be set up to allow readers to comment on individual posts, or subscribe to get emails when new entries are posted.

    Note: This page is currently under construction.

  • Logging into Collaborate WordPress

    1. Go to the WordPress login page.
    2. Enter your StarID user name in the "Username" field.
    3. Enter your StarID password in the "Password" field.
    4. Click [Log In].


  • MSUM Faculty and Staff are eligible to obtain a WordPress account on the Collaborate site.

    Obtaining a WordPress Collaborate Account

    Contact Instructional Technology Services at to request a WordPress account on Collaborate.

  • Embedding Media

    Embedding media in WordPress is an easy way to make your web pages more readable and appealing to the reader. To learn how to embed and use media in WordPress, view our tutorials below.


    Page Management

    To learn how to manage pages from creating a page to organizing your pages, please view our tutorials below.


    Themes & Appearance

    To learn how to manage your WordPress themes and appearance, please view our tutorials below.


    Posting Content

    To learn how to manage and post content in your WordPress pages, please view our tutorials below.