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Office of Online Learning

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  • Accessibility

    The Office of Online Learning is committed to ensuring all learners can be successful in their academic courses by supporting the use of accessible information and technology. We do this by advocating the use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in course materials and activities.

    Accessibility may take many forms. Some of the more obvious forms that you may have used yourself include sidewalk curb cuts, 'talking' books, video captions, supporting text for complex tables, and so on. Making something accessible helps everyone, including those with disabilities.

    The Accessibility Resources works with students and faculty to provide academic accommodations for those needing assistive services.

    The Regional Assistive Technology Center provides communication devices and key knowledge about the services available for assistive technology.

    Together with the MSUM community, we can each do our part to eliminate barriers and help our learners be successful.

    What's covered

    Use the links below for tips on using UDL to make your materials accessible to all users.