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  • Comstock Family

    Solomon G. Comstock

    Solomon ComstockSolomon G. Comstock (1842-1933) was a Minnesota state senator and a U.S. Congressman. He is considered the "Father" of Moorhead State Normal School (now Minnesota State University Moorhead) because in 1885 he introduced to the Minnesota State Legislature a proposal to build the state’s fourth "normal school" in Moorhead. The proposal was successfully passed by the Legislature in 1887. Comstock also donated the six acres of land upon which the university was founded. (Picture courtesy of MSUM Archives.)

    Sarah Comstock

    Sarah ComstockSarah Comstock (1845-1941), the wife of Solomon, was instrumental in establishing the first public library in Moorhead. (Picture courtesy of MSUM Archives.)  



    Ada Comstock

    Ada ComstockAda Comstock (1876-1973), the eldest child of Solomon and Sarah, had a distinguished career in higher education. She attended the University of Minnesota and Smith College. After graduating from Smith, she attended the Moorhead State Normal School, where she became certified to teach. She was appointed as the first Dean of Women at the University of Minnesota and later served as the first Dean of Smith College. In 1923 she became President of Radcliffe College. (Picture courtesy of MSUM Archives.)