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Red River Psychology Journal

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    2018 Volume I

    The Effect of Google on Memory Retrieval: Internet Searching as a Negative Prime

    Shelby E. Pearson  | PDF

    2017 Volume I

    Sexual Assault Prevention: The Effects of Priming Intervention on the Likelihood of Intervening 

    Alexis N. Adelman | PDF

    Relaxation via Cross-Modal Adaptation: Autonomous Nervous System Response and Subjective Relaxation Efficacy of Mindfulness Mediation and Music Therapy 

    Cody Spears  | PDF

    Messy Versus Clean Primary Environments: Personality Judgments of Dorm Room Residents 

    Emma Johnson  | PDF

    Giving Beautiful People an Unwarranted Break: Physical Attractiveness and Perception of Crime Severity 

    Tyla Dahl-Monroe  | PDF


    2015 Volume I

    The Impact of Schemas on the Placement of Eyes While Drawing

    Eloise M.Warren | PDF

    Personality Inferences of the Physically Androgynous: Gender Self-Concept and Stereotypes

    Sara Rundlett | PDF

    Canine Psychiatry: How a Dog Can Lower Perceived Stress After a Stress Inducer

    Rachel Tengwall | PDF

    The Use of Confederates and an Ambiguous Stimulus as Informational Influence to Elicit Conformed Responses from Primed Participants

    Shawn Carlson | PDF

    Students' Attitudes on Electronic Versus Traditional Print Textbooks: Is Cognitive Performance Affected?

    Shelby Folkers | PDF

    The Effect of Eyeglasses on Intelligence Perceptions

    Aubrey Borgen | PDF

    Affecting Attitudes Toward Individuals with Special Needs Using Positive Settings

    Jacob J. Haile | PDF

    The Role of Attachment in the Emotional Facial Scanning Patterns in Infant-Mother Dyads

    Kelsey Ihringer | PDF

    2014 Volume 1

    College Students’ Attitudes on Suicide and Suicide Acceptability

    Catherine E. Kippley | PDF

    Do You Like a Gray Apple? The Interference of Color Consistency with Preference and Pleasure

    Misae Ishikawa | PDF

    Effects of Faking Good and Faking Bad on Students’ Perceptions of the Social Desirability of Perfectionism

    Katherine A. Johanson | PDF

    People with Differing Disabilities and their Perceived Deservingness of Financial Assistance

    Justine Breedon | PDF

    Text Messaging and the Relationship to Personality Characteristics and Literacy

    Abby Nelson | PDF

    Adult Attachment Behavior on Facial Detection of Emotion

    Megan Nere | PDF

    Color's Effect on Test Anxiety

    Tiffany Zilka | PDF

    Effects of Learning Styles on Paper versus Computer Based Reading Comprehension

    Hannah Seehafer | PDF