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The Student Union & Activities

  • The college experience isn't "one-size-fits-all."

    You get to create your own MSUM story. You decide how you want to get active, connected, and involved. Choose from a variety of events, organizations and programs to make the most of your time at MSUM.

    DragonCentral is your home for creating a unique MSUM experience designed entirely by you. Check it out to see what life is like as a Dragon and to see how your story will evolve.

  • Why get involved?
    New Experiences
    College is a time to explore your interests further – and maybe even discover a new passion. Plus, you’ll probably meet some of your best friends along the way.
    Sense of Belonging
    Getting involved and meeting fellow Dragons makes MSUM feel more like home. 70% of Dragons are involved in a student organization
    Polished Skills
    You’re at MSUM to get the knowledge and skills to land your dream job one day. Involvement beyond the classroom lets you practice your skills and learn in new ways.
    Personal Growth
    If ever there was a time to invest in yourself, it’s now. Access our knowledge, tools and resources to help you be the best you.

    Dragon Life Beyond the Classroom

    It’s the stories of Dragon Life – how students are learning, leading, growing and succeeding at MSUM. It’s participating in student organizations. It’s the friendships made. It’s the programs that build skills to land a dream job. It’s the memories that last a lifetime. It’s Dragon Life, and the opportunities are endless.

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If you’d like more information about our programs or MSUM opportunities, chat with an admissions representative.