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  • Regional Science Center
    Regional Science Center Interpretive Center is CLOSED

Regional Science Center

  • The Minnesota State University Moorhead Regional Science Center (RSC) is approximately 400 acres of prairie, riparian forest habitat and river communities offering a variety of education, research and recreational opportunities and experiences. The RSC is part of the Bluestem Prairie – Minnesota’s largest remnant tallgrass prairie comprising lands owned by MSUM, The Nature Conservancy and the Department of Natural Resources. A portion of the prairie complex is designated as a scientific and natural area.

    The Regional Science Center is not a part of Buffalo River State Park; however, it is adjacent to, expands and buffers existing protected prairie habitat managed by the DNR’s Buffalo River State Park and Scientific and Natural Area.

  • Science Center Opportunities
    The Regional Science Center is a biological field station that provides scientists, faculty and students the opportunity to be involved in nationally significant research. These outdoor laboratories provide an important service to communities by providing unbiased scientific information for protecting key ecosystems, helping stakeholders tackle critical environmental issues, and ensuring that environmental factors are considered in planning and development decisions.
    The Paul P. Feder Observatory houses a telescope that is powerful enough to see a candle flame from 100 miles away. The system uses sensitive electronic cameras to record images, which can then be shown on computer monitors or projected on a screen in the auditorium.
    You are welcome to explore and recreate at the Regional Science Center by walking on groomed hiking trails. During your stroll through the prairie you may encounter various research projects in progress; please don’t touch. Visitors are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes and to bring insect repellent. The grounds are open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.
    The 13,000 square-foot interpretive center houses a multi-purpose classroom, an exhibit area featuring a full mount of a bison, an auditorium, and a bird observatory.

    Partners & Collaborators

    MSUM’s Regional Science Center strives to connect learning to the landscape by partnering and collaborating with Buffalo River State Park, The Nature Conservancy, the DNR and the MSUM Planetarium.

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