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Scheduling Services

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  • Motor Pool Prices & Policies

    • Authorized drivers are MSUM Faculty, Staff and MSUM students. The students must have filled out the vehicle request form and been approved to drive. Students who wish to drive the 12 passenger vans must be 21 years of age.
    • Keys must be picked up during Physical Plant Office Hours of 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.
    • The MSUM Motor Pool has 8 sedans, 2 mini vans, 6-12 passenger vans, available for check-out.
    • Vehicle charge will be as follows:
      • $5.00 daily vehicle charge
      • Plus the following rates/mile:
        •  Sedans - $.35/mile,
        •  Mini-Vans - $.39/mile,
        •  12-passenger vans - $.47/mile
      • Cube van and pickups will be charged out at $.53/mile + $10.00 per day.
      • For example; a sedan that traveled 10 miles in one day would be charged:
        $3.50 ($.35 X 10 = $3.50) + $5.00 = $8.50 charge for the day
    • The Motor Pool will absorb the costs of deductibles from accidents or inadvertent damage to vehicles. Please report these promptly and follow reporting procedures.
    • State owned vehicles are for official state business use only and persons must hold a valid U.S. drivers license to operate.
    • Only authorized persons are permitted to ride in state owned vehicles (authorized persons include state employees and other persons participating in state programs or functions).
    • All passengers and drivers of state vehicles are required by law to use seat belts. It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure all passengers comply with all applicable seat belt laws.
    • Drivers of state vehicles are required to observe and obey all traffic laws regarding the operation of a motor vehicle, including speed limits.
    • Drivers must operate state vehicles in a safe and courteous manner at all times.
    • Drivers of state vehicles are responsible for all fines and penalties imposed for parking or traffic violations with respect to the state vehicle, while the state vehicle is still in their possession.
    • The authorized driver must return the vehicle to the MSUM Physical Plant in the same condition in which the vehicle was received, except for ordinary wear and use.
    • If it is necessary for the MSUM Motor Pool to perform a major cleaning job on a vehicle before it can be sent out again, there will be a $50.00 charge billed to the requesting department.
    • The vehicle must be returned on the due date and time or earlier.
    • Rental charges apply until the vehicle is returned to the MSUM Physical Plant. If you do not return the vehicle on time, you are preventing someone else from using it. 
    • If the vehicle is not picked up within two hours of the designated pick-up time, the reservation will be cancelled and the $10.00 daily vehicle charge will be charged to the requesting department.
    • If a state vehicle is returned with less than a half tank of gas, the requesting department will be charged $10.00; there will also be a $5.00 charge if the card is not filled out.
    • Reminder: write down the car mileage, not trip miles. State gas cards are  with the trip ticket.