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Scheduling Services

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  • General Scheduling Information

    Location Policies

    • Ensure the location desired is suitable for the largest scenario.
    • Consider scheduling one or two additional rooms for breakout sessions.
    • If a lecture and lunch/banquet are part of the same event, and are scheduled in the same facility, consider the time and possible inconvenience to participants required for setup changes and/or food service needs (having linen/silverware, salt and pepper, etc. on tables during the event).
    • When scheduling a facility/facilities, schedule enough time for setups, equipment delivery, food service delivery, prior to an event's start.

    Scheduling Facilities

    • Be sure to consider that just because you want a particular facility does not necessarily make it available. Do not promote an event without securing necessary facilities.
    • Look over a facility or have Scheduling Services give you a tour. This office can be used as a resource to assist in securing the best facility or facilities available for your event.
    • Schedule the facility. Setup and special equipment requirements can be taken care of later, but don't assume they will be taken care of automatically. Please be sure that if you cancel an event or have tentatively booked facilities you no longer need, you let Scheduling Services know, so that space is available to others.

    Arrangement of Furniture

    • All setup arrangements must be made with Scheduling Services.
    • Do not assume that tables and chairs or row seating are automatically available in a facility. If you do not ask for a specific arrangement, you could be disappointed.
    • Last minute changes are difficult for MSUM staff to accommodate and are a hindrance to the success of your event.