Enrollment & Degree Verification

  • MSU Moorhead has joined with the National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service to assist you in obtaining enrollment verifications. You can print enrollment verification certifications, view your enrollment history and enrollment verifications provided at your request, check loan deferments sent to your lenders, and link to real-time information on your student loans. You can access the Student Self-Service website and enter your Star ID and password, which enables students to perform enrollment verifications and more. The benefit from using this service is that it is secure and simple to use. They provide 24/7 access to enrollment verifications and you can print enrollment certificates on demand.

    Numerous agencies and institutions may wish to verify that you are or have been a student at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Further, they may wish to know whether you are or were full-time, or if you have graduated. These agencies may call the Registrar's Office; however, they will be referred to the National Student Clearinghouse that is our authorized agent for providing enrollment and degree verifications. Contact information:

    All car insurance verifications will continue to be processed in the Registrar's Office because of the need to include the grade point average. Please bring your enrollment verification form (or you can complete a form that we can provide) to Owens 104. There is also an online enrollment verification form that you can print and bring in.

    • Be sure to sign, date, and fill in your social security number on the form.
    • Also include a stamped, addressed envelope.
    • Normal processing time for a verification form is one week. 

    For your information:

    We transmit enrollment and degree information to the National Student Clearinghouse around the 15th of each month. The National Student Clearinghouse needs approximately one week after each transmission to process the data before it is available for verifications.

    The number of credits you enroll in determines your status. The following table shows the credits necessary to be verified at a particular status.

    Student Type Half-time Full-time
    Undergraduate 6 12
    Graduate 6 8

    Loan Deferments

    If you have a request for deferment form that needs the signature of authorized official and seal or stamp of the university, please bring the form to the Registrar's Office.

    For Questions on Enrollment Verifications & Loan Deferments please contact Cathy Faller.