Safety & Crime Prevention

  • MSUM Public Safety strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all that live, work and study at MSU Moorhead. Below you will find several resources and tips to help ensure your safety on and off campus. For questions, please contact Public Safety.

    • Park in well-lit areas.
    • Lock your vehicle and close all windows.
    • Do not leave valuables in sight.
    • If possible, install an alarm system.
    • Never leave your keys in your vehicle.
    • Record serial numbers of removable equipment.
    • When walking to your vehicle, have your keys ready in your hand so you don’t have to stand outside your car looking for them.
    • Always check the rear seat and floor before you get into your car.
    • Lock your doors as soon as you get in your vehicle, and keep them locked.
    • If you believe you are being followed by another car, do not turn into your driveway or parking lot. Attempt to locate open businesses, or drive to the police station.
    • Place valuables in the locked trunk.
    • Never let a stranger follow you through your building’s security door.
    • Pull blinds and shades so no one can see inside your apartment.
    • Always keep windows secured and covered at night.
    • Don’t let strangers into your home.
    • Be a part of your neighborhood watch program.
    • If you are going to leave for extended periods of time, have your interior lights on timers or have someone check your home while you are away.
    • Do not put your full name on your mailbox or doors. Use only your first initial and last name.

    If you are living on campus it is a good idea to take the time and register your valuables. We have a very safe campus, but in case anything happens you have records of your items. Check out ReportIt for more information.

    Register your personal property

    Missing Student Policy & Procedure

    It is the policy of MSUM to actively investigate any report of a missing student who is enrolled in the University. Members of the University community should immediately report missing persons to the MSUM Public Safety Department by calling 218.477.2449. Within the University, responsibility for investigation of missing person reports rests with the Department of Public Safety and partnership with the MSUM Housing and Residential Life Department and the Moorhead Police Department. There is no waiting period for reporting a missing person.

    Responding officers will carefully record and investigate the factual circumstances surrounding the disappearance in accordance with Departmental directives. For the purposes of this policy, a student may be considered to be a missing student if the person’s absence is contrary to his/her usual pattern of behavior and unusual circumstances may have caused the absence.

    The Public Safety Department has established a Missing Student Emergency Contact database where on-campus students may register a confidential emergency contact to be notified in the event they are reported missing.

    Registration in the database is voluntary, but is strongly encouraged. The information provided will be treated in a confidential manner and will only be used by University officials and local police to aid in locating a student who has been reported missing or where disclosure is legally required by a search warrant or subpoena. The emergency contact registration form may be completed online or by printed version at the MSUM Public Safety Office located at 1616 9th Avenue South, Moorhead, MN.

    If the Public Safety Department, after investigation, determines that an on-campus residential student is missing, the University will, after making such a determination, notify both the student’s designated contact person and local law enforcement that the student is missing. If the missing student is under the age of 18 and is un-emancipated, the University will also notify the student’s parent or legal guardian that the student is missing.

    Notice to others will be in compliance with applicable FERPA regulations.

    The lead law enforcement agency in missing person cases originating from the University’s on-campus housing facilities is the Moorhead Police Department. The University’s Public Safety Department will notify the Moorhead Police Department after determining that an on-campus resident student is missing.

    Reports of students missing from off-campus residences will be referred to the police department having jurisdiction over the student’s local residence, if known, or the student’s permanent residence if a local residence cannot be determined.

    Missing Student Emergency Contact Information

    The purpose of the form is to allow you to register a confidential emergency contact to be used in the event you are reported missing. MSUM Public Safety is responsible for investigating reports of missing persons on campus and will use the information provided only in an attempt to locate you in the event you are reported missing under the policy. This information will be accessible to local law enforcement. You are not required to supply this information; however, if you do not supply the information, MSUM may be delayed or unable to make appropriate contacts if you are reported missing.

    The information you provide will remain active for six years unless changed by you. To change your confidential emergency contact, simply log on to the Missing Student Contact Info.

    For other questions on use of this form, or the University’s missing student policy, please contact the MSUM Public Safety Department at 218.477.2449.

    Register Emergency Contact Information

    Predatory offender laws require sex offenders to register their current personal information with their local police departments. Find those listed as living in Moorhead using the following resources.

    Preparation and forethought are critical to ensuring that each of us are as prepared as possible for tragic events that we hope will never happen on our campus.

    MSUM’s Emergency Management Team, along with President Anne Blackhurst, invites you to watch the “Run, Hide, Fight” training video. MSUM’s response to an active shooter on campus would vary based on the situation. This video contains options for you to personally consider if we are ever faced with such an attack.

    Warning: Video includes a simulation of an active shooting event.

    If you have questions after reviewing the video, please contact Public Safety and we will provide follow-up training and discussion about the content of the video. In an emergency, having thought even once about what you would do may make an important difference.

    Watch Run, Hide, Fight Video

    Items found on campus will either be turned over to the Comstock Memorial Union main office (CMU 222) or MSUM Public Safety.