Graduate Time Limitation on Program Completion Policy

  • Custodian of Policy: Graduate Council
    Relevant MnSCU Policy
    Effective Date: April 2018
    Last Review: April 2018
    Next Review: April 2023


    All requirements for the master's, specialist, and doctorate degrees must be completed within seven years after completion of the first graduate course taken after program admission.

    A student, in consultation with his/her advisor, may petition the Office of Graduate and Extended Learning for an extension of the time limitation. Extensions may be for one semester or a full year. Extensions will be considered on a per case basis. If the student has not finished the degree towards the end of a second extension, he/she must consult with his/her advisor and the Dean of Graduate and Extended Learning to determine if another extension is warranted. Any extension given may require a detailed plan of completion as well as additional or repeated course work and/or research. This will be determined by the graduate program coordinator and the Dean of Graduate and Extended Learning at the time that the extension is approved.