First Year Seminar Graduation Requirement Policy

  • Custodian of Policy: Registrar
    Effective Date: Fall 2019
    Last Review: Fall 2018
    Next Review: Fall 2025


    All new entering undergraduate students are required to successfully complete a 1-credit hour First Year Seminar. Successful completion of the course is a graduation requirement. New students who have completed twenty-four or more transferable credits will be exempt from this requirement.


    The First Year Seminar referenced in the policy will be a 1-credit course. Successful completion of the course is described as a ''D-" or higher. Withdrawn or failed attempts at this course will be repeated with the successful completion of the First Year Seminar course in the next semester.


    A mandatory first year seminar is a widely recognized best practice that will contribute to first yearto second year retention, and improving time-to -graduation