Auditing Courses Policy

  • Custodian of Policy: Registrar
    Effective Date: Current
    Last Review: Unknown
    Next Review: TBD


    Students who wish to audit or attend a course without seeking credit must be admitted to the University, be registered for the course, and pay full tuition and fees. Classes taken for audit are not eligible for financial aid and do not count toward full-time status. Students may be billed for financial aid if classes taken for credit are later changed to audit status.

    To audit a course, students shall attend class sessions but are not required to complete assignments or projects, participate in discussions, take examinations, or meet other requirements.

    Students may declare the intent to audit a course by submitting a Course Audit form signed by the instructor by the tenth class day of a semester. Summer Session dates vary based on the length of individual sessions; refer to Drop Dates posted on the Registrar's Office website at, or by notifying the instructor at the time of registration in an evening class, workshop , or off-campus course.

    Students may not receive credit for auditing a course except by re-enrollment for credit and successful completion of the course in a subsequent semester.

    An entry of "AU" (Audit) is made on a student's permanent academic record when a course is audited.