Parking Tickets & Appeals

    1. Only those citations issued by MSUM may be appealed through the University. All City of Moorhead citations must be appealed or paid to the City of Moorhead. Individuals who believe they have been cited, fined, towed, or immobilized in error may appeal the case. The appeals must fully state the grounds on which the appeal is based.
    2. MSUM appeal forms must be filed within 10 calendar days of issue date online by the individual who received the citation. Appeals may not be submitted on behalf of someone else. Forms are available in the Public Safety Office. Appeals will not be accepted after 10 calendar days from ticket issue.
    3. The Parking Violation Appeals Committee will serve as the appeal body for all citations issued and render a decision in each case. Any challenges made to the committee's decision will be reviewed by the Director of Public Safety.
    4. The fine for a violation which has been appealed and subsequently denied must be paid to MSUM within 10 days after notification of the appeal decision.
    5. Students who discontinue class attendance based on extenuating circumstances or some situation out of their control may file a parking permit refund appeal to the Director of Public Safety if they seek to refund a portion of their permit after the 20th business day of a term. The appeal must be made in writing within 90 days before the end of the term for which a refund is requested.

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