O.C. Nelson Company Store (S812)

  • 1892-1927 

    Historical Sketch

    O.C. Nelson Company Store was owned by Ole Christian Nelson, a pioneer from the area of Battle Lake, Minnesota. The original store burned in 1906 and it was reorganized as a partnership. His daughter was Mrs. Helen Nelson Englund of Battle Lake, Minnesota.  

    Collection Description

    The collection consists of customer account and purchase books, company account books and check stubs.  


    Box 1

    • Check Stubs. 1912-27 

    Outside of Box

    • Volumes 1-6 - Customer Account Books (includes name index). 1892-1913
    • Volumes 7-11 - Customer Purchase Books. 1893-1906
    • Volumes 12-13 - Company Account Books (includes account index). 1907-13