Orville and Gertrude Christianson Farm Records (S5085)

  • 1941-1992

    Historical Sketch

    This collection contains the records of the Christianson Farm in Hickory Township, southeast Pennington County.Christian Christianson (1862-1917) began homesteading land for the farm in 1905.The Christianson farm remained in the hands of the family for more than nine decades, varying in size from two to three quarter sections. The farm was cultivated in small grains, and the Christiansons maintained herds of dairy and beef cattle.Orville Christianson (1910-2002), the son of Christian and Olive (1880-1936) maintained the farm with his wife Gertrude from 1936 until his retirement in 1992.He worked the farm in partnership with his brother Merritt, while Orville’s wife Gertrude (1904-2007) maintained most of the farm’s records.After the Christiansons retired, the farm remained in family hands until it was sold to a neighbor in 2000. 

    Collection Description

    The records of the Christianson farm consist of individual business and partnership tax records that have been copied from the originals and organized annually in binders.The records are color coded for ease of use, and contain information about the crops planted, the expenses, harvest yields and farm incomes.All the materials are in excellent condition.A separate file contains additional biographical information with some photographs.Some sketch maps also indicate how individual fields were planted at various points in time. 


    Box 1

    • Christianson Biographical Information
    • Photographs
    • Tax Records.1941-92