Northrup, Belle Diaries (S2656)

  • 1892-1943 

    Biographical Sketch

    Belle Northrup was born October 6, 1866, the daughter of Charles and Charlotte Northrup. She married her first cousin John Northrup. They farmed near Georgetown, Minnesota. Belle died in Fergus Falls, Minnesota July 5, 1950, at the age of 83. The Georgetown History, page 92, has a short history and photos of Belle and Charles Northrup. 

    Collection Description

    Belle Northrup began her diaries in 1892 at the age of twenty-six and continued to keep a daily record of every day activities over the next fifty-one years. The last dairy is dated 1943. The diaries are arranged in chronological order. Links to pdf files of the diaries are below. Belle took notes of farm work and the day’s production, health, household chores and responsibilities, and weather conditions. Neighbors, friends and relatives are also mentioned. The following people are mentioned in the diaries. 

    1892-1893 Diary

    • Eff Alkisons
    • Bob Wilson
    • Emily Wilson
    • Billie Pelky
    • Gertie Peterson – died September 1893
    • Fahulauders Boat
    • Lena, Nellie, Louise, and John Hauson
    • Bill Bristol
    • Grandma Phillips 

    1894 Diary

    • Mr. Steel
    • Mr. Wightman
    • Mrs. Srandmold
    • Mrs. Dalen 

    1896-97 Diary

    • Mr. Evanson
    • Mary Stauchers
    • Pat Fitzgerald
    • Katie and Cavie Hirsche
    • Allen Hilton
    • Charlie Northrup 

    1898-99 Diary

    • McIverney
    • Jack Eastwood 

    1918 Diary

    • Mr. Eastwood
    • Ray Fischer
    • George Sock
    • Henry Hoffman 


    Box 1

    • Diaries. 1892-93, 1894, 1896-97, 1898-99, 1918-28, 1929-35, 1943