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Marketing & Communications

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  • New Social Media Page or Account Requests

    The marketing and communications team must approve all new pages that are intended to be an official representation of an MSUM department or speak on behalf of the university.

    1. A New Account Request Form must be submitted to prior to any implementation.
    2. All institutional pages must be created using an email account and must have a full-time, appointed employee who is responsible for content.
    3. Once the page has been approved, Danielle Page must be added as an official administrator of the page. Any new page that does not go through this channel is subject to deletion, or situational legal action.
    4. University social media accounts created prior to the issuance of these guidelines should have a staff member supply the marketing team with appropriate credentials and passwords and add a member as an official administrator.

    If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Danielle Page at