Biosciences & Chemistry Learning Community

  • You should live in this community if you are a declared Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry or Biotechnology major.

    This community provides outstanding opportunities to learn and participate in hands-on labs with fellow students and faculty which will build a solid foundation for pursuing a science or health-related career.

    This community is located in East Snarr.

    Required Common Courses:


    All BioScience Majors

    • FYE 101: First Year Experience (1 credit)
    • BIO 115: Organismal Biology (4 credits)
    • BIO 115L: Lab (0 credits)
    • CHEM 150: General Chemistry 1 (3 credits)
    • CHEM 150: Lab (1 credit)

    BCMT & Cell/Molecular Biology Majors Only

    • CHEM 275: General Chemistry Research Based Lab (3 credits)


    Coming Soon

    As a member of the community, you will...

    • live with other students who have declared biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or biotechnology as a major.
    • take classes and labs with students who live on your floor.
    • be able to participate in organized study groups for Learning Community participants.
    • have a Dragon Mentor dedicated to providing you with various opportunities and support.
    • be exposed to career options that you will have with an science related degree.
    • interact with faculty members who are dedicated to helping you achieve excellence in the classroom and beyond.