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Information Technology

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  • Strategic Plan - Operating Assumptions

    There are several planning assumptions used by the University Technology Committee and Information Technology leadership team as the technology master plan was being developed. A few of those assumptions are as follows:

    1. Information Technology is critical to the realization of institutional goals and must be aligned with the mission, core values, strategic vision, and strategic goals of the University.

    2. The University is dedicated to supporting an information technology infrastructure that is robust, reliable, and transparent to the end user.

    3. University faculty members are ultimately responsible for setting the technology expectations of students in their courses. The departments are responsible for integrating technology into their academic programs as appropriate, and assessing these efforts.

    4. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) System Office (SO) provides and supports the core administrative software applications used by the institution (e.g. Integrated Student Records System (ISRS), Degree Audit Reporting (DARS)). Significant campus support is provided for select administrative applications (e.g. Dragon Card, Image Now, Blackboard Analytics).

    5. The University embraces training and development to assist students, faculty, and staff with the use and application of information technology.

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