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Information Technology

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  • Strategic Plan - Goals and Outcomes

    Cornerstone 1 – Engaging Student Learning Environments:


    1. Encourage and support technology-enhanced department-initiated course redesign
    2. Enhance support for adult learners and graduate students in online and distant education courses
    3. Enhance the support of technology engaging student activities and new forms of communication, feedback, and assessment
    4. Expand the role of Digital Learning Lab in assisting students in their studies
    5. Explore and implement enhanced methods of accessible video and audio delivery of instructional materials
    6. Set standardized tools for campus; ie provide only 2 choices for audio/visual
    7. Improve learning spaces (physical and virtual) to support active and collaborative learning.
    8. Provide multimedia development space for faculty and students
    9. Continue to explore new and emerging technologies (hardware and software) that promise to improve and enhance teaching and learning
    10. Establish a method to support student testing outside of class
    11. Enhance the library capacity to support technology innovation for faculty and students

    Cornerstone 2 – Reliability:


    1. Core infrastructure to support mobility and access
      1. Develop a plan to increase access to network resources throughout the MSUM Community
      2. Expand capacity for reliable and secure file storage to meet the instructional, learning, research, and service needs of faculty and students as well as the business needs of staff
      3. Leverage MSUM status as an Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) hub site to enhance the stability, reliability, and capacity of both internal and external wired and wireless network infrastructure
      4. Develop a unified communications strategy
      5. Provide support for department level academic server needs
      6. Provide a campus-wide document management and retention protocol
    2. Data Security, Disaster Recovery(DR), and Business Continuity(BC) Plan
      1. Develop Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
      2. Create back-up Data Center
      3. Develop and implement a comprehensive information technology security plan that addressees the growing threats and current needs of state policies and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
    3. End-user technology support and Customer Service
      1. Continue enhancements to IT customer support services
      2. Implement change management process in IT
      3. Enhance project intake process and provide dashboard of ITS projects to campus community
      4. Improve communications within IT group as well as with the campus community on issues related to IT
      5. Enhance IT’s visibility and role in Twin Cities site
      6. Improve accessibility of campus technology resources
    4. Relevant and Accessible Web Content
      1. Complete the migration of to
      2. Continue to build and support strategic vision for the university website
      3. Expand our ability to provide innovative solutions in order to enhance MSUM’s web presence
      4. Explore options to leverage internal expertise for employee development and revenue generation
    5. Campus Data Needs
      1. Provide a range of tools to enable end-users to be self-sufficient and self-guided in accessing institutional data
      2. Continue development of secure data storage infrastructure and processes to support campus-wide needs for assessment and analysis and day-to-day operations
      3. Continue to build in the area of Business Intelligence
      4. Continue to research and implement a university process for tracking departmental and program outcomes and rubrics
      5. Improve document imaging capacity in the storage of University records.
      6. Facilitate and support online forms and workflow routing of documents
        1. Course Exceptions
        2. Grade Apps
      7. Research and implement methods to enhance and streamline MSUM’s interactions with its customers
      8. Develop a plan to enhance MSUM’s ability to deliver content via digital signage on campus

    Cornerstone 3 – IT is Professional:


    1. Apply professional development resources to meet specific university goals and objectives
    2. Support the professional development of faculty, staff, and students using practices that are engaging, efficient, and effective
    3. Create a process in which office staff can use desktop remote management tools to assist other colleagues.

    Cornerstone 4 – Sustainability:


    1. Look for strategies to reduce the overall cost of technology to the campus community
    2. Review all current software supported on campus to determine utilization
    3. Develop a comprehensive technology replacement plan from entry into the system to disposal
    4. Develop electrical power management plan for Information technology resources
    5. Build capacity to support the use of electronic media on campus
    6. Develop and refine print management and associated policies to encourage the reduction of printed-paper

    Cornerstone 5 – Emerging Technologies/Development:


    1. Research strategies and technologies to improve overall telepresence and off campus student interaction in the virtual classroom (upgrade or replacement of ITV technology)
    2. Review web based conference call teaching tools (replacement for Wimba)
    3. Investigate different web based video tools for students doing on line presentations in a group
    4. Research ways for faculty to package online curriculum other than soft chalk and panopto. Is there film making (graphics type) software that make the courses and the interaction with students more engaging.
    5. Invest in hosted/cloud solutions that allow ease of use and access for Faculty.
    6. Research writing assistance products offered by
    7. Create a change management plan to get campus employees to use a unified scheduling process for meeting management.
    8. Research futuristic teaching stations for long term planning.
    9. Ensure metrics and measures are in place for each project underway.
    10. Alternative registration system. One that would allow us to track project based registration for industry professionals working on certificates.
    11. Research and align with industry trends regarding thin clients and data storage so that devices can be fully leveraged, but not at the expense of data breach.
    12. Ensure online courses are accessible by definition within Disability Services.
    13. Enhance communications, scheduling, service provisions, and support amongst and between students and supporting departments that work together to provide advising, disability services, career planning, and major declaration.

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