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International Student Services

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  • Diplomat Criteria

    Mission Statement

    The goal of the Diplomat Program is to provide an ongoing orientation to incoming international students. Diplomats (Peer counselors ) are to provide information on MSUM, the community and American life in general, and to assist international students during the transition to American collegiate life in order to help them get the most out of their experience here at MSUM. The Diplomat Program will promote multicultural understanding by providing an opportunity for international students and American students, who have studies abroad or are interested in other cultures, to learn about each others' cultures. Diplomats should have a willingness to learn about other cultures as well as provide information about their own culture. Experience in traveling abroad is an added bonus.

    Diplomat Qualifications

    • Be open-minded
    • Have completed at least one semester at MSUM
    • Be in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.00
    • Be attending MSUM for one academic year
    • Be available during mandatory Diplomat training/team building session and orientation

    Diplomat Duties

    • Serve as a peer counselor/advisor to incoming international students
    • Be available during orientation to provide information to international students and to assist with registration
    • Help international students adjust to college and community life
    • Assist with day to day concerns with anything from shopping to laundry
    • Serve as a friend and help to promote cross cultural understanding
    • Assist the International Student Services staff at all times when needed