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International Student Services

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  • Volunteer Hours

    The In-state Tuition Scholarship is made available partly through Minnesota tax payers' support. In order for international student to receive the In-state Tuition Scholarship, they must complete a minimum of 10 volunteer hours per semester. The primary goal of the volunteer hours is to enhance an off-campus cultural sharing and promote diversity within the Fargo-Moorhead community. Through volunteer work, international students can share their ethnic and cultural background while at the same time experiencing local culture in Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding communities.  

    How do volunteer hours work?

    • Complete a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer work per semester.
    • Volunteer hours must be completed/earned during Fall or Spring semester
    • A minimum of 3 volunteer hours must be for an MSU Moorhead on or off-campus event (s)
    • Only professional staff and graduate assistants can sign as supervisors not student workers or friends from MSUM, NDSU, Concordia College or any other campus.
    • Submit the Volunteer Hour Submissions Form no later than 2 weeks after the event.
    • Submit Volunteer Hours form to International Student Services no later than the Commencement Day of that particular semester by 4:00pm. (Incomplete forms will NOT be considered. NO late submissions.)
    • Read all the instructions carefully. Failure to comply with the regulations will result in DENIAL or CANCELLATION of your in-state scholarship.

    Volunteer Hour Approval

    • Permission to volunteer for all programs sponsored/announced by International Student Services, International Student Organization and MSUM granted automatically.
    • To participate in ALL other activities, students MUST submit a Volunteer Pre-Approval Form.

    Volunteer Hours Submission


     Or go to the forms page:

      • Under Instate Tuition Scholarship there will also be the above link.

    Complete the form with your information Example:

    Student First Name: John

    Student Last Name: Doe

    MSUM E-mail address:

    Dragon Id: 00002567

                    The event you did. Example:

                    Organization Name: ISS( or Nepali Student Org etc..)

                    Organization Contact: Kelsey Stacken (Or Student Leader’s Name)

                    Organization Contact: (or student’s leader’s e-mail)

      Service Details:

                    Example: 09/10/2017 Hours 5

    Rotary Picnic: Attend the rotary picnic and represent MSUM while meeting other international students from NDSU and Concordia.

    10/01/2017                          Hours 5

    Homecoming Parade: Carried my countries Flag in the homecoming parade and represented International Student Services in the event.

    Once you click submit and an e-mail will be sent to the Organization’s leader. That person must respond to the e-mail in order for your volunteer hours to count. We recommend that you send them an e-mail asking them to confirm that they have responded to the automatic submission. If they do not we will not be able to count your volunteer hours.

      Volunteer Hours Guidelines

    Student cannot submit hours if the student is already receiving academic credit or it is a part of your course work, such as: 

    • Events/activities that are required for an organization (i.e. community service required for other student organizations, sororities/fraternities)
    • Must be completed/earned during Fall or Spring semester
    • Playing sports for a team or organization
    • Volunteering requirement for your degree
    • Example: Volunteering for your friend as a web designer and your friend signing the volunteer hour form does not count
      Volunteer Hour Grid (how many hours you can claim according to the event)
    • The volunteer hours MUST be completed every semester. If it is your final semester (graduating that semester) you do not need to submit the volunteer hour form.
    • You are NOT required to complete volunteer hours during the summer months. If you plan to take summer classes you will automatically receive the scholarship for the summer semester

    Where can I find volunteer opportunities

    • International Student Services-sponsored programs (i.e. Celebration of Nations, Orientation, International Education Week, Nationality Nights (Korean Night, China Night, Nepal Night).
    • International Student Services will send out e-mails when volunteer opportunities arises or requested. 
    • OSA Volunteer List
    • On-Off Campus Volunteer Opportunity List or do a websearch