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Office of Online Learning

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  • Respondus 

    Respondus is a powerful tool that allows faculty to easily create web-based quizzes and exams and upload them to your course in D2L Brightspace.

    Advantages of using Respondus:

    • Different options for creating questions: directly in Respondus, import from a publisher’s test bank, or create in Microsoft Word
    • Can enter exam settings in Respondus
    • Create random exams
    • Preview and edit exams
    • Publish exams to D2L Brightspace
    • Retrieve questions from D2L Brightspace
    • Print exam, with or without answer key 
    • Save exam to a Microsoft Word file


  • Respondus is available only for Faculty and Staff use.

    Obtaining the Respondus Application

    Contact Instructional Technology Services at to request Respondus be installed onto your computer.

    Note: Do not download and install the Respondus 30-day free trial, single-user, or Respondus LT from the Respondus web site. If you do so, you will need to uninstall that version before you install the campus-wide version that ITS will send you.

    Search the Respondus Test Bank Network

    Use the Respondus Test Bank Network to search for test bank questions by textbook. This option is available only to Faculty


    Getting Started

    Use the following tutorials to learn how to get started using Respondus.


    Creating a New Quiz

    Review the following topics to learn how to create a new quiz in Respondus.

    Note: These steps assume you are entering your questions directly into Respondus. Refer to "Importing Questions from a File" or "Importing Questions from a Test Bank" if you are importing questions from another source.