Roommate Finder

  • MSUM uses myHousing, a new comprehensive student housing solution including: online housing and learning community applications, online roommate and room self selection, roommate matching, and core staff administrative functions.

    Once you have signed your housing contract and made the $50 prepayment, you can fill out your profile and search for a roommate.

    How do I find a roommate?

    • The roommate finder portion is within the Housing, Dining & Learning Communities application, log into myHousing (recommended to wait until after January 1 to ensure an adequate roommate pool to choose from).
    • Browse for potential roommate three different ways:
      • Browse by Details: you can search for a roommate based on a search result (screen name, gender, age, etc.)
      • Browse by Profile: based on the questions you answered, you can narrow down your pool by searching for roommates based on one of the profile questions.
      • Click the Suggested Roommates link. This is a search functionality where the system can suggest roommates based on the highest percentage match (from your profile).
    •  Join a Group: when students find each other and want to become roommates, one student will create the group and become the group leader - this person will share the group name and/or invite the other student. The group leader can invite a member to their group, remove members and change group leaders.
    • Roommate Groups must be "verified" in order to be paired together.

    Roommate Groups should be verified by June 15 in order to be considered. Students who do not request a specific roommate will receive a random roommate through the Room Selection process in the summer.