Housing Moving Out Information

  • Residence Halls Close for Spring Semester on Friday, May 17, 2019 at 7 pm

    As your residence hall contract indicates, you should be completely moved and checked out of your room within 24hrs of your last final unless one of the following applies to you:

    • You are part of Commencement; and/or
    • You already have a summer room assignment
      Summer housing residents will complete their checkout after they have checked into their summer room.

    Spring Check Out Late Check Out

    If you have chosen to check-out with your RA you will meet them at your hall desk at the assigned time. All of your belongings must be removed and your room must be thoroughly cleaned.

    Ensure that all university property remains in room:

    • Desk chair(s)
    • Wastebasket
    • 15-ft Coaxial cable (for TV)
    • Internet Router Box WITH Power Cord
      The power cord is the #1 item that accidentally goes home with residents, make sure it is still in your room before you check out! South Snarr, West Snarr, Dahl and John Neumaier do not have boxes.

    Failure to properly check out with a staff member will result in additional fees.

  • Residents may choose to use the express check out option if:

    • They feel their room is in good condition; and/or
    • They wish to leave very early in the morning/very late at night; and/or
    • They are seeking a faster check-out process
    • They are not transitioning to summer housing

    How does Express Check Out work?

    • Residents must sign up for Express Checkout online 24 hours in advance (business days)
    • Residents must pack and remove all their belongings from their room and thoroughly clean
    • Residents will receive an express check out envelope in their mailbox:
      • Completely fill out the form and read all the information
      • Say goodbye to your room and lock your door
      • Place keys inside the envelope and seal it
      • Bring envelope to hall desk (or if closed, drop in outgoing mail slot)

    If you have an exceptional circumstance which doesn’t allow you to check out by the defined time, you must apply for approval for a late check out:

    • Apply for late check out online
    • Apply for approval at least 3 days before desired check-out.
      • Desired sign-up for Spring 2019 is Friday, May 3, 2019
      • Check-outs without 3-days notice may have to perform a standard check-out with RA

    Not all late check out requests are approved.

    What else do I need to know?

    • There is no guarantee that your request will be approved; requests received after May 3 may not be considered
    • Late check outs will be billed $15/night
    • Late check out residents still need to make an appointment with an RA for a proper check out or choose the express check out option to better suit your schedule
      • You will receive an email the first week of May, instructing you on how to schedule your late check out and the on-duty staff member information

    Quiet Hours for all semesters begin on Study Day. Please be respectful of those concentrating on their studies.

    Courtesy Hours: This is the time you should use for noisier tasks, such as vacuuming or freely visiting with other residents.

    Daily | 4pm - 6pm

    Study Areas

    Many of the buildings on campus have extended hours during finals week.

    Late Night Breakfast on Study Day

    Take a break from studying to enjoy the Late Night Breakfast event in Kise on Study Day.

    9pm - 11pm
    Prize Drawings throughout the night!

    Lofts rented from College Services Loft & Applican Rentals must be disassembled and removed by Study Day.

    Loft Pick-Up:

    • Spring | Wednesday, May 1, 2019 | 10am – 3pm
    • Lot G-7 (North of Holmquist Hall); same location as where you picked it up in August
    • CSI Contact Information:
      Online at www.collegeservices.com
      Phone: 218.354.2107

    Permanent lofts and all furniture in Dahl, Grantham, Holmquist and Snarr Complex should be returned to the original location/layout when you moved in.

    If you rented a MicroFridge from MSUM Housing, you will need to put in a work order PRIOR to doing your official check out. The unit will not be removed until after your check out.

    The MicroFridge MUST be emptied and thoroughly cleaned and defrosted before your check out appointment.

    As you clean, please take all trash and garbage outside to the dumpsters for your hall to prevent a buildup of trash

    • Ballard Dumpster: located south of building, female side
    • Dahl/Nelson/Grantham Dumpster: dumpster located north of Nelson Hall; there will be an additional dumpster during finals week between Dahl and Nelson/Grantham (in the loop)
    • Holmquist Hall: dumpster located east of building; there will be an additional dumpster during finals week on the north side of the building (main entrance)
    • All floor trash rooms will be locked starting the Friday after Study Day.
      • This is to avoid a build-up during move-out and so GMWs can focus on cleaning vs. continually taking out the trash
      • Please put all trash items in the outside dumpsters at this time

    A limited number of carts are available at your hall desk beginning on Study Day.

    Consider donating unwanted items rather than throwing them.

    • Unwanted clothing/household items
      • Donate to the Dakota Boys Ranch Thrift Store (next to the Pizza Ranch)
        1500 Center Avenue West/Highway 10, Dilworth, MN
    • Unopened, non-perishable food items
      • Donate to the Dorothy Day Food Pantry (very close to campus)
        1308 Main Avenue, Moorhead, MN
    • Do not sweep your floor’s dirt/debris out into the hallway
    • Vacuum the immediate area outside your room
    • Floors must be swept and mopped (or vacuumed)...including under/behind any moveable furniture
    • Closet, shelves, and desk/dresser must be dusted and wiped clean (inside and out)
    • Tape, sticky tack, adhesives, etc. must be completely removed from walls, floors, cabinetry and doors
    • Do not leave trash or personal items in the hallway or other common areas...even if just for a short time!
    • Be courteous to your GMW, they appreciate your cooperation!
      • This is to avoid a build-up of trash during move-out and so GMWs can focus on cleaning vs. continually taking out the trash
      • Please put all trash items in the outside dumpsters at this time

    Cleaning Supplies

    A limited number of cleaning supplies will be available at your hall desk for check out

    • Items available: vacuums, brooms, sponges, glass cleaner and liquid soap
    • Please return items as soon as you are done with them so others can use them!
    • Please ask for GooGone to remove stubborn tape from surfaces

    When checking out of your room, your RA will use your Room Inspection from Move-In to assess any potential damages that have occurred since you arrived.

    • Leaving without properly checking out of your room with a staff member (or by properly signing up for an Express Check Out) will result in an Improper Check Out Fee of $50
    • Failure to return all your keys will result in a $50-$135 replacement charge (depending on your building)
    • Failure to properly clean your room and/or failure to remove any personal belongs or garbage will result in charges being applied to your student account
    • You will be charged for any missing items from the room (i.e. desk chair, wastebasket, router, power cord, coaxial cable cord)
    • If cleaning/damages are assessed, you will receive notice on your RCR and charges will be assessed to your eServices account
      • You may accept the charges and pay them via eServices, or contest to the charges with an Area Director before you leave
      • If the billing is verified as correct by your Area Director, you may submit a formal, written appeal to the Director of Housing & Residential Life by June 1

    If your room is not ready for your scheduled appointment time, you will not be able to check out; contact a staff member to sign up for another time to avoid having to wait for an available staff member!

    Residents can submit a work request for their room via their housing portal. Log in and click the Maintenance tab. This is also where residents may view comments from Maintenance staff regarding the work. To submit work orders for public spaces in your hall, such as the bathroom, contact your RA or Hall Desk.

    Submit your Work Request