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Field Experience

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    Background Check, Insurance, & Name Tag Information


    1. Insurance Information

    Click the link below to enroll in insurance for all practicum/student teaching experiences.
    select Aspiring Educator Membership

    Adding Global Documents in Diary

    1. From the students dashboard, click on Documents.
    2. The Document History screen will appear.
    3. The Global tab should be selected, click on the Liability Insurance Tab, then upload document. The typical document size is 2.0 MB, try to keep it to that.
    4. You will be able to browse and find the document. Only documents that have the following extensions can be uploaded in DIARY .pdf, .doc, .docx, .tif, .jpeg, .jpg, and .png.

    When the document has been uploaded, you will be returned to the Dashboard. To verify that the document has been uploaded, click documents, then the Global tab. The document should be listed. If you need to add another one click upload and browse for the other file and upload. They will continue to list under the appropriate file section for as many as you load.

    2. Name Tag Information

    Click the link below to order an official MSUM Name Tag. Please read carefully through all instructions before you begin the order.

    ***Name Tags need to be ordered through the MSUM Bookstore website. You can pick it up in the bookstore (shipping will be adjusted to $0) or you can have it shipped to your address (shipping will be adjusted to $3). Make sure you have the correct address when placing your order.

    1. On the first page, enter 1 quantity, add to cart and then click on checkout. If you haven't created an account, it will ask you to create one.
    2. The next page will have the shipping info at the bottom. Please select "pick up in store".
    3. Then the text box below labeled "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" type (Mr./Ms./Mrs.) (first name) (last name) then MSUM Teacher Candidate - **if this is too long, then drop your first name.
    4. When you enter this, it may appear as if it will print all on one line, it will not, the title will be on the 2nd line
    5. Continue to payment information

    3. Background Check

    Minnesota State University Moorhead has partnered with Castle Branch to manage your background check needs:

    How it works:

    1. Go to the Castle Branch Student Portal:
      1. Select: Place Order
      2. Select: Teaching & Learning
      3. Select: Appropriate package:
        • Introduction to Education
        • Early Childhood Education
        • Elementary Inclusive Education
        • Special Education
        • Secondary/K-12 Education or
        • Student Teacher
    2. Enter all required information — it is important to disclose any charges that could potentially be on your record.
    3. Previous address information is necessary. If you do not know the exact address, please be sure to include the county of residence.
    4. Processing will take 48-72 hours, so place your order well before you need to attend Practicum/Student Teaching.
    5. Information will be shared with your school — YOU DO NOT upload this to DIARY, the field experiences office will upload the information.
    6. Cost is $55.50 for full Background Check.
    7. If there is a problem with the link above, contact Castle Branch Service Desk at 888-723-4263.