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Dragon Cards

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is all the information on the card used for? 
    • How does the U. S. Bank feature work? 
    • Print Release Station FAQs 
    • How often do I need to get a new card?
      Your Dragon card is automatically updated each time you register for a class so that you will not need to get a new one each semester.

    • What if my card is damaged or lost?
      If you Dragon card is lost, damaged or stolen, you may purchase a new one at the Dragon Card office for $10. You will need personal identification and your Dragon ID number in order to obtain the card.

    • What happens when I leave school?
      If you will no longer be enrolling at the University, you can bring in your Dragon card to the IT Helpdesk located on the first floor of the Library, room 122.

    • Questions regarding the actual card?
      Any questions or problems about the card should be directed to the Dragon Card Office, 218.477.2603.

    • Questions regarding the card access?
      Direct card access questions to Key and Card Access, 218.477.2925 or

    • How does the proximity function of the card work?
      Wave Dragon Card in front of reader. Reader will beep and light will turn green when access is granted. Problems? Contact Key and Card Access, 218.477.2449 or

    • Questions regarding the library function of the card?
      Direct library questions to the Library Circulation Desk 218.477.2355.

    • Questions regarding meal plans?
      Direct meal and dragon dollar questions to Food Services 218.477.2836.

    • How do I obtain a card if I am a distance learning student?
      If you meet the distance learning criteria you can login with your StarID credentials and request a card.

    • How much can I put on my Campus Cash account?
      No set limit, but only put on the amount to what you expect to spend. Campus Cash is required to be spent by Spring Commencement of each academic year.

    • How can I add money to my Campus Cash account?
      You can deposit money into your account two different ways.
      • Deposits made at the kiosk, located in the Livingston Lord, accept cash only. The Campus Cash Card Management Center machine takes cash in $1, $5, $10 and $20 dollar increments.
      • Deposits made online are credit and debit only.
    • How can I check how much money is in my Campus Cash account?
      View your balance and transactions online or by using the Campus Cash Card Management Center machine you can view and print your current card balance.

    • What happens if I lose my Dragon Card?
      First, freeze your Campus Cash account online. Get a replacement card at the IT Helpdesk during business hours.

    • Refunds/Balance at end of Semester?
      There are no cash limits, but do not put more on than you will spend. Campus Cash is required to be spent by Spring Commencement each academic year.

    • Where can I use my Campus Cash and Dragon Dollars?
      Campus Cash can be used for non-food service purchases at these locations on campus:
      MSUM Bookstore | Print Release Stations

      Dragon Dollars can be used only for food service purchases at these locations on campus:

      Dragon Cafe | Subs & Sweets | Starbucks | Caribou | City Pizza | Union Express | Hot Spot | Grill 155 | C-Store | Kise Commons