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  • 2008 Wanda Gág Read Aloud Book Award

    Wolf’s Coming written and illustrated by Joe Kulka and published by Carolrhoda Books.

    Wolf's ComingRhyming text and cartoon style illustrations tell the story of animals hurrying through the woods repeatedly calling out: “Wolf’s Coming!” A dapper, but sinister-looking wolf with yellow piercing eyes follows the animals through the woods. Illustrations become darker and darker as the suspense mounts. Finally, the animals run into a brightly lit home in a tree trunk as wolf creeps closer. When wolf opens the front door, they all yell “Surprise!”—it’s wolf’s birthday.

    Children, ages two through nine, “howled” through this story. While some readers thought it might be too scary, young children had their “eyes glued to the book” and wanted it read again and again. Listeners enjoyed the rhyming words, loved the pictures, and liked the surprising twist at the end. The large illustrations and text make this a good choice for group reading.

    Joe Kulka resides in Quakertown, PN with his wife and children. This is the first book he has both written and illustrated.