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  • 2007 Wanda Gág Read Aloud Book Award

    My Father the Dog written by Elizabeth Bluemle, illustrated by Randy Cecil, and published by Candlewick Press.

    My Father the DogA young daughter provides evidence to prove that her father is really a dog. Each double-page spread offers examples to support her premise. For example, Dad “starts off the day with a good scratch,” runs after balls, and “fetches the newspaper every morning.” The spare, understated text provides plenty of gaps for readers to fill in their own stories about how their dads are similar to dogs. Randy Cecil’s naïve style oil paintings have a colorful, textured quality. The round-shaped, elongated figures are very appealing to children.

    Children, ages one through eight, “ate up” this “super silly” book. Young children easily followed the story and laughed as the narrator unveils each reason why her father is a dog. Children loved the pictures and wanted readers to pause so they could spend time looking at the details. This is a winner for individual or group reading. Readers need to be prepared for requests for the book to be read over and over.

    My Father the Dog is author Elizabeth Bluemle’s first published book. In addition to writing, she owns the Flying Pig Bookstore in Charlotte, VT. Illustrator Randy Cecil lives in Houston, TX.