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Curriculum Materials Center

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  • Curriculum Bulletins/Guides

    Curriculum bulletins and guides are a written plan which includes various aspects of curriculum and instruction, such as philosophy, policies, aims, objectives, subject matter, frameworks, scope and sequence, teaching activities, assessment, and resources/bibliographies. The plan may be narrow in scope such as a unit or topic of instruction, or as broad as the entire curriculum of a school system or a model curriculum published by a state department of education or a professional organization. Course of Study: general in nature and broadly defines the education programs in terms of philosophy, goals, and objectives. Lays out what is taught in the classrooms of a school district.

    • Frameworks: developed by state departments of education to help school districts develop their courses of study.
    • Curriculum Guide: suggestive in nature and gives ideas on how a subject or area might be taught. More specific than a course of study.
    • Curriculum Bulletin: provides information on a particular focus area. Provides school personnel with background to develop and implement curriculum programs. Usually produced by state departments of education.