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    Book Links. The most recent issue is on display in the Curriculum Materials Center. Other recent issues are located at the first floor Periodicals Desk.

    The Web. Located in the Curriculum Materials Center reference collection. 

    General Collection

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    Curriculum Center Materials

    Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults. Beacham Publications, 1989. Curric. Ref. 028.1 B365

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    Kinghorn, Harriet. At Day's End: Book-Related Activities for Small Groups. Libraries Unlimited, 1988. Curric. Text 428.2 L693 A86

    Learning Links: An Interdisciplinary Curricula Utilizing Bonanzaville's Primary Sources, Children's Literature and Social Studies Concepts. Concordia College, 1998. Curric. Bulletin 300 C738L

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    Mealy, Virginia. Happy Birthday, Author: Fall Birthdays. Book Lures, 1983. Curric. Text 800 B73 H25

    Mealy, Virginia. Super Seven: Activities with Seven Newbery Medal Winners. Book Lures, 1983. Curric. Text 800 B73 S95

    Mealy, Virginia. Tall Tale Research Book. Book Lures, 1980. Curric. Text 800 B73 T14

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    Polette, Nancy. Activities with Folktales and Fairytales. Book Lures, 1979. Curric. Text 428.4 B73 A18

    Polette, Nancy. Discovery: Approaches to Literature with Gifted Students. Book Lures, 1979. Curric. Text 800 B73 D61

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    Rapheal, Taffy. Book Club for Middle School. Small Planet Communications, 2001. Curric. Bulletin 800 S63bm

    Raphael, Taffy. Book Club Plus!: A Literacy Framework for the Primary Grades. Small Planet Communications, 2004. Curric. Bulletin 800 S63bp

    Rearick, John. Greek Myths: 8 Short Plays for the Classroom. Scholastic, 1997. Curric. Text 808.82 S365 G79

    Roettger, Doris. Reading Beyond the Basal: Using Children's Literature to Extend and Enrich the Basal Program. Perfection Form Company, 1987. Curric. Text 800 P42 R28

    Singleton, Laurel. C Is for Citizenship: Children's Literature and Civic Understanding. Social Science Education Consortium, 1997. Curric. Text 323 S67 C11

    Using Junior Novels to Develop Language and Thought: Five Integrative Teaching Guides. Language Arts Society, 1981. Curric. Bulletin 800 M62u

    NOTES: Books about teaching a particular author's work may be found by doing a MnPALS keyword search under the author's name.

    Compiled by Carol H. Sibley, Curriculum Librarian, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, Minnesota 1/2011