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  • 2012 Comstock Read Aloud Honor Book

    Pirates of the Sea written and illustrated by Brandon Dorman and published by Greenwillow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2011.

    Pirates of the SeaTold in a rhyming "pirate speak" that begs to be read aloud, Pirates of the Sea tells of Cap'n Bones and his crew aboard the Dragonfish of Doom. With a cast of characters and a hilarious pirate code, these pirates go in search of treasure that guarantees to make them rich once again. They run into a few obstacles along the way, with sharks chomping on Burpin' Bart's bottom, a sea monster that threatens to eat them all, deceptive mermaids and a terrible storm, but they eventually obtain their treasure, vowing to stay pirates of the sea forever more. The illustrations, created using Adobe Illustrator, are saturated in blues and browns, bringing emphasis to the sea and the ship, and feature many creative pirates that will keep children laughing.

    Students and readers alike loved the use of "pirate speak" in this story. The children thought the phrases were hilarious, and readers noted that they made the read aloud easy and enjoyable. The vocabulary engaged children and got them excited about the book, bringing children to their feet and causing some to act like pirates for the rest of the day. Students fixated on the pictures, trying to locate the characters mentioned in the text and pointing out things they observed. One child commented, "If it was one out of ten, I would choose eleven!"

    Brandon Dorman lives in Puyallup, Washington. BRITTANY LAZUR