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  • Best Read Aloud Picture Books 

    The following bibliography, organized by age level, provides lists of picture books published from 2004 through 2008. Each of the books has been read aloud to numerous children to obtain feedback. The feedback was provided by college students, teachers, librarians, and parents. Each annotation includes a description of the book and details of how children and readers responded to the book.

    Annotations were written by undergraduate and graduate students, including Katie Clausen, Christine Falzon, Katie Hoffbeck, Brittany Lazur, Sean Lewis, Tarver Mathison, Kelleen O'Brien, and Ashley Roemer. For further information and comments, please contact Pam Werre.

    This bibliography was supported by a Carnegie-Whitney Grant from the American Library Association; the Wanda Gág Book Award Fund of the Minnesota State University Moorhead Alumni Foundation, Moorhead, Minnesota; and the Livingston Lord Library.