Charting the Future at MSU Moorhead

  • for a Prosperous Minnesota

    Minnesota State University Moorhead and other Minnesota State System colleges and universities are engaged in a collaborative process to develop specific actions to better serve our 435,000 students and communities, strengthen our colleges and universities, and protect our unique character and autonomy. The resulting effort is Charting the Future for a Prosperous Minnesota.

    These efforts have involved thousands of students, faculty, and staff from across Minnesota who have helped lead this work from initial recommendations to specific initiative ideas that are being implemented at colleges and universities.

  • What is Charting the Future?

    The recommended strategies, combined in a document called “Charting the Future for a Prosperous Minnesota,” is the product of months of meetings, discussion, feedback and revisions by people both in the system office and at MnSCU campuses.

    The document establishes a broad strategy for better aligning the combined resources of MnSCU institutions. It addresses persistent structural weaknesses in Minnesota’s educational system, and challenges us all to join together to fulfill MnSCU’s commitment as the state’s leading provider of high-quality, highly relevant and highly accessible higher education.

    Charting the Future identifies six recommendations developed with input from more than 5,000 students, faculty, and staff which were adopted by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees in November 2013:

    • Dramatically increase the success of all learners, especially those in diverse populations traditionally underserved by higher education
    • Develop a collaborative and coordinated academic planning process that advances affordability, transferability, and access to our programs and services across the state.
    • Certify student competencies and capabilities, expand pathways to accelerate degree completion through credit for prior learning, and foster the award of competency-based credit and degrees.
    • Expand the innovative use of technology to deliver high quality online courses, strengthen classroom instruction and student services, and provide more individualized learning and advising.
    • Work together under new models to be the preferred provider of comprehensive workplace solutions through programs and services that build employee skills and solve real-world problems for communities and businesses across the state.
    • Redesign our financial and administrative models to reward collaboration, drive efficiencies, and strengthen our ability to provide access to an extraordinary education for all Minnesotans.

    MSUM Charting the Future Team

    Campus Charting the Future (CTF) Committee: The committee was recently constituted to include a broad representative selection of MSUM campus community members. The role of the committee is to ensure action and progress on campus-specific goals, the coordination and contribution to regular reports and updates on campus CTF initiatives, and to ensure the dissemination of this information through the maintenance of a webpage and other distributed media.

    • Jim Anderson, Readmission and Transfer Coordinator (Chair, MnSCU CTF Coordinating Committee; Liaison to MSUM CTF Coordinating Committee)
    • Vacant, Director of Diversity & Inclusion
    • Marsha Weber, Interim VP for Academic Affairs and campus CFT Committee Chair
    • Camille Brandt, School of Teaching and Learning (Faculty Association Representative)
    • Magda Chalikia, Faculty Association President (IFO Representative)
    • Vacant, Student Senate President (Student Representative)
    • Ted Gracyk, Department of Philosophy (Faculty Association Representative)
    • Dana Hanson, Student Relations Coordinator (MSUAASF Representative)
    • JoDee Haugrud, Database Administrator (MAPE Representative)
    • Dan Heckaman, Chief Information Officer
    • Vinod Lall, Paseka School of Business (Faculty Association Representative)
    • Christina Lien (OAS Senior)
    • Kristi Monson, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications (MSUAASF Representative)
    • Terry Peterson, Director of Applications, Information Technology (MMA Representative)
    • Megan Proulx, Student Relations Coordinator (MSUAASF Representative)
    • Vacant, Director of the Academic Support Center
    • Vacant, Dean


    Charting the Future Implementation Teams

    To act on the Charting the Future recommendations and translate them into specific actions, eight campus-led implementation teams comprised of students, faculty, and staff were launched. View the full rosters.

    Individuals from MSUM serving on implementation teams include:

    Jim Anderson, Assistant Director, Admissions – System Incentives and Rewards

    Dean, College of Arts, Media & Communication – TEAM

    Dan Heckaman, Chief Information Officer – Information Technology Systems Design

    Marsha Weber, Dean, College of Business & Innovation – TEAM

    The implementation teams currently convening include:

    The implementation teams that began convening this fall include: