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Business Services

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  • Outside Grants

    Federal, State and Private grants are solicited by the university for training, research and expansion of services. An award for each grant will be sent to the president's office and the project director. The Grants Officer for the university is Brittney Goodman, phone: 218.477.2923. All grants are to be submitted for approval through the Dean of the College, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the area Vice President and the President. The approval form may be found on the Academic Affairs website. A copy should be provided to the Business Office for establishing the account in the accounting system. Contact person in the Business Services is: Shannyn Jacobsen, phone: 218.477.2781.

    The grant is assigned an account number in the range for the type of funding. A budget entry is used to establish the grant authorization by line item. A statewide accounting spending plan is completed by anticipating the receipts by accounting period and indicate the planned expenditures by object code.

    The grant document will detail the reporting schedule and the grantor will provide the report forms if applicable. The reports should be filed in a timely manner.

    Requests for cash will be made on forms provided or the grantor will advance funds with the grant award. The preferable method of payment is by cash advance Reimbursement requests require the university to incur the expenditure prior to the receipt of the funds. Such a manner of funding may limit the ability of the university to pay grant expenses in timely manner.

    Close-out documents will be provided to the project director. Final report of expenditures will be made in the format described in the procedure of close-out. Caution should be taken to include all expenditures for payrolls which may be posted at a later date. Any cash balance should be returned to the grantor with the close-out package.