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Steven Bolduc

  • Steven Bolduc, Ph.D.

    Department of Economics, Law and Politics

    Professor of Economics
    Ph.D., M.A., University of Nebraska Lincoln
    B.S., University of Massachusetts Amherst

    Areas of interest include Original Institutional Economics (OIE),
    Ecological Economics, and Public Policy.

    Contact Information
    Office: MacLean Hall 380N
    Phone: 218-477-4683
    Fax: 218-477-2845

    Spring 2019
    Office Hours:
    M, W 9:00-11:30; T, Th 12:00-2:30
    Econ 204 (Principles of Macro): T, Th 10:30-11:45
    Econ 300 (Global Economic Issues): M, W 1:30 to 2:45
    Econ/WGS 305 (Poverty, Discrimination, Inequality): M, W from 12:00 to 1:15

     Courses Taught

    Econ 100: The American Economy
    Econ 202: Principles I: Microeconomics
    Econ 204: Principles II: Macroeconomics
    Econ 300: Global Econ Issues
    Econ 302: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
    Econ 304 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
    Econ/WGS 305: Poverty, Discrimination, and Inequality
    Econ/Mgmt 315: Government and Business
    Econ 340: The Gendered Economy
    Econ 390: Special Topics--Feminist Economics
    AMCS233: Education and Multicultural America
    WGS100: Women Today: Contemporary Women's Issues
    Graduate courses: 
    MLA 690: 'Justice' in Economic Thought and Policy
    MLA 690: Political Economy of Science and Technology
    PHSA 611: Survey of Public and Human Services Administration
    PHSA 681: Public Policy Analysis
    PHSA 690: Leadership and Complex Organizations