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Alumni & Friends

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  • Dragon Week of Thanks

    Dragon Week of Thanks is a week dedicated to sharing with students the remarkable impact that donations have on them. Donations come from alumni, faculty and staff, retirees, parents, corporations, foundations, and friends of the University. Without donors, MSU Moorhead would not be the great school that it is.

    • Over than 10,600 MSUM students have received scholarships funded by donors. The number of scholarships and the amount awarded grows each year.
    • For the 2014-15 academic year, 638 MSUM students received an academic or athletic scholarship that was funded by donations.
    • Gifts funded student participation in a number of academic conferences for different majors and programs, including biochemistry, data analytics, entomology, economics, international business, mathematics, molecular sciences, physics, and psychology.
    • Donations fund a number of guest lecturers that come to campus each year.
    • Gifts are funding undergraduate cancer research under the supervision of Professor Mark Wallert and have funded turtle research in the Biosciences program.
    • Donations support the annual Straw Hat productions and the Performing Art Series.
    • There is strength in numbers -- each year, thousands of alumni give back so that future generations will have the same educational opportunities they had.
    • Corporations, organizations, and foundations provided more than $1.3 million in support last year.
    • Each year, parents of students are asked to donate to support students. Their gifts provided additional funding for the library renovations and have recently established a fund to assist students facing emergency situations.
    • Retired MSUM faculty and staff are some of our most generous donors, giving more nearly $1,000,000 last year.