• MSUM’s annual Phonathon is a vital source of funding for Minnesota State University Moorhead. Each year, students reach out to alumni, friends of the University and parents. Our Dragon Callers update biographical information, share updates about campus, build a relationship, and ask for support for scholarships, learning experiences, athletics, faculty development, and more. This group of students are dedicated to helping fellow students by raising funds for scholarships and programs.

  • Alumni support is important to the strength of the University. Generous gifts support scholarships that allow students to participate in student organizations, unpaid internships, and to continue attending classes. Gifts can be directed to support projects, learning initiatives, and other activities that make MSUM unique.

    Being a Dragon Caller is one of the best student positions on campus! You not only get the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, but you are also able to network and speak to a variety of different alumni and friends of the University. You gain usable skills while having a positive impact on our campus. A flexible schedule allows students to work around their classes and activities. Work schedules will be set according to your availability. The shifts are Sundays – Thursdays in the evenings typically from 5:30pm – 9:00pm. Day time shifts may also be possible if there is interest.


    The call center, along with the MSUM Foundation office, is in the lower level of Weld Hall, office 11. The call center is in Weld Hall office 6, and the caller lounge is in Weld Hall office 7.

    Phonathon operates only when school is in session for the fall and spring semesters. We have temporary and permanent positions available. Holidays or school vacations also mean a vacation from Phonathon. We do not usually call on Friday or Saturdays, except for occasional voluntary shifts. You are provided with a schedule of what the semester may look like upon hiring. Dragon Callers are required to work a minimum of two shifts a week.

    All Dragon Callers start out at $11.00 an hour. Performance-based raises may be awarded during the year. All return callers will receive an automatic pay increase to $11.25 their second year. The pay periods follow that of MSUM.

    Dragon Callers should arrived at least 5 minutes early to each shift to allow time to log into their computers. There are about 5 minutes of announcements before calling begins.

    A script will be given to you to guide you through a call. You, a current student, can communicate the best with our prospects and present a realistic picture of MSUM. For every call, we update their record information, built rapport and provide them with campus news and updates. We then encourage them to participate in Phonathon by contributing a gift to the Annual Fund. All of this is covered extensively during your training.