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  • MSUM Optional Student Evaluation of Teaching Procedure

    Agreement, Procedure and Student's Evaluation of Course and Instruction Form

    The MSU Moorhead Administration/Faculty Association Agreement regarding student evaluation of teaching along with the optional procedure and evaluation form were developed by an ad hoc committee of MSUM student, faculty association and administrative representatives to address issues that have arisen over the years as Deans reviewed faculty members' teaching effectiveness.

    The MSUM Faculty Association and the MSUM Administration have agreed that if a faculty member chooses to use this process and provides for it in their PDP, then the Dean will not interview students as a part of the evaluation and review process.

    This remains an optional process; no faculty member is required to use it or any other particular means of documenting teaching effectiveness. However, it is a convenient means of providing evidence in this important contractual area. It should also be noted that the survey instrument is not restricted to just these questions. A faculty member may add whatever additional items they find useful if they so choose, or continue use of forms already developed in addition to this instrument.

    If, after reviewing this material, you choose to use this process as part of your PDP you may do so by sending your Dean a memo declaring your intent to use the MSUM Optional Student Evaluation of Teaching Procedure. A copy of your memo and acknowledgement of receipt by your Dean will be attached to and automatically incorporated in your PDP.