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  • Roland and Beth Dille Fund for Excellence Grant Program

    The Dille Fund for Excellence Grant Awards annually seeks proposals from the campus community for innovative projects that raise the quality of education at Minnesota State University Moorhead. All faculty and staff may apply. Students may be co-applicants on grant applications with faculty and/or staff. Proposed projects should demonstrate innovation, uniqueness, and a commitment to improved educational experiences for MSU Moorhead students. The following types of projects are appropriate for Dille Fund grants: faculty research projects that involve students; equipment grants for innovative instructional systems; guest lectures and artists who would share insights and expertise with the campus and community; cooperative community projects that encourage university/community interactions; and special projects involving a particularly innovative idea. No sabbaticals, faculty/staff compensation, leaves with pay, or foreign travel will be supported by the Dille Fund for Excellence.

    Fall 2019 Dille Fund for Excellent Grant Application Round

    Fall 2018 Dille Fund for Excellence Grant Recipients:

    Dr. Jeremy Carney, School of Social Work, "#ElectronicBoundaries: Managing Professional Relationships and Modern Technology"


    Fall 2017 Dille Fund for Excellence Grant Recipients:

    David Kramar (Anthropology and Earth Sciences): Aerial Imagery Acquisition, Vegetation Mapping, and Object-Based Classification of the MSUM Regional Science Center

    Michael Krajewski (School of Entertainment Industries and Technology): In-ear Monitor System for Live Performance and rehearsal

    Sheri Erickson (Paseka School of Business): Accounting IS Big Data

    MariBeth Plankers (Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences): Literacy Camp: Accessibility for All Learning

    Rachel Stotts (Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences): Gaze Patterson to Social and Nonsocial Stimuli: A possible early marker for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

    Sung Ok Park (School of Teaching and Learning): Creative Learning Environments

    Tina Veale (Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences): The Power of Personal Narrative in Shaping Language, Literacy, and Social Skills in Adolescents with Autism

    Sara Anderson (Biosciences): Genomics: Supporting Independent Investigations and Course-Based Research

    Michelle Tigges (Chemistry & Biochemistry): Creating a Culture of Creative Investigation: Development of Freshman-level scalable research projects in analytical and bioanalytical chemistry

    Sumali Pandey (Biosciences): Optimization of Mycotoxin Inhalational Studies in Mice


    Fall 2016 Dille Fund for Excellence Grant Recipients:
    Rachel Stotts (Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences): 2nd Annual Community Autism Forum.

    Kenyon Williams (School of Performing Arts):Percussion Mallet Library.

    Donna Bruns Stockrahm (Biosciences): Digitizing the Richard H. Pemble Herbarium as a Resource for the Region and World.

    Donna Bruns Stockrahm (Biosciences): Utilizing Game Cameras in Wildlife Studies.

    Pam Werre (Library):Themed Resource Kits.Co-applicant: Marilyn Labrensz (School of Teaching and Learning).

    Karl Leonard (Anthropology and Earth Sciences): DJI Phantom 4 Professional Drone for Unmanned Ariel Systems Studies at MSUM.Co-applicant: David Kramer (Anthropology and Earth Sciences).

    Patricia Wisenden (Biosciences):Aquatic Vertebrates Reproductive and Behavioral Responses to Known Chemically Polluted Waters.Co-applicants: Ellen Brisch (Biosciences); and Erica Everson, Nicolle O’Neill, Evan Ekhator, and Akira Shastri (Biosciences students).

    Brian Wisenden (Biosciences): Cortisol-Dependent Learning in Zebra Fish. Co-applicant:Shawn Garrett (Chemistry and Biochemistry). 

    Brian Wisenden (Biosciences): Variation in Morphological and Behavioral Phenotypes in Annual Killfish.

    Sara Anderson (Biosciences): Phylogenetic Analysis using Mitochondrial DNA for Turtles in Clay County MN.Co-applicant: Jordan H. White (Biosciences student).

    Brian Wisenden (Biosciences): Shark Lagoon.

    Sumali Pandey (Biosciences): Cytospin for Cell Biology related Research, Teaching and Outreach.

    Adam Stocker (Biosciences): Developmental Timing of Emx2 Gene Expression in Sensory Area Specification.

    Dille Fund for Excellence Grant Recipients 2016-2000