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Curriculum Materials Center

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  • Library Resources for Secondary Science Teachers


    1. Call numbers for texts located in the Curriculum Materials Center:
      • General Science - Text 500
      • Physics/Physical Science - Text 530
      • Chemistry - Text 540
      • Earth Science - Text 550
      • Biology - Text 574
    2. To identify what curriculum bulletins textbooks, or supplementary materials are on the market, consult:
      • Brown’s Directory of Instructional Programs: Science/Health. (Grades 7-12). Curric. Ref. 507.1 B885
      • El-Hi Textbooks and Serials in Print. (located in book holder on top of Curriculum Reference shelves)
      • Resources for Teaching Middle School Science. Curric. Ref. 507.1 N27786r
      • Science Curriculum Resource Handbook: A Practical Guide for K-12 Science Curriculum. Curric. Ref. 507.1 S416
      • Publishers’ catalogs. (located in vertical files in Curriculum Materials Center)
    3. Evaluations and reviews of new materials may be found in the following:
      • Science Books and Films. All issues of this periodical contain reviews of supplementary materials, such as trade books and audio-visual materials. 

    Curriculum Bulletins

    1. Those in book form have the same call numbers by subject area as the textbooks listed in #1 above.
    2. The most up-to-date curriculum bulletins are on microfiche in a collection entitled the Kraus Curriculum Development Library. To access the collection, use the Kraus CD-ROM Index, which is available on the Library CD-ROM stations. 

    Periodicals/Resources in Education/Government Documents

    1. Periodical/journal articles about teaching science are indexed in Journals of Education on WebPALS and in FirstSearch under Education/EducationAbs.
    2. Microfiche documents related to education are indexed in Resources in Education on WebPALS.
    3. Lists of recommended periodicals for school libraries:
      • Magazines for Kids and Teens: A Resource for Parents, Teachers, Librarians, and Kids. Curric. Ref. 015.71034 M189 1997
    4. Government Documents about science are indexed by the following on-line file in WebPALS.
      • U.S. Government Documents

    Trade Books

    Bibliographies of recommended science trade books for school and public libraries:

    • Best Books for Senior High Readers. Curric. Ref. 011.62 G478b
    • Best Books for Young Teen Readers, Grades 7-10. Curric. Ref. 011.62 B5611
    • Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog. Curric. Ref. 028.52 M627 1995+
    • Senior High School Library Catalog. Curric. Ref. 017 S477 1997+ 

    Media Materials

    • Media Review Digest. Ref. Z 5784 .M9 M86
    • Multimedia and Videodisc Compendium: For Education and Training. Ref. LB 1044.7 .V52
    • Tri-College University Film Library Catalog. 


    Other Materials

    • Janice VanCleave’s Science Experiment Sourcebook. Curric. Ref. 507.8 V222j
    • Science Experiments Index for Young People. Curric. Ref. 507.8 P6385
    • Science Fair Project Index. Ref. Q 182.3 .S34 

    Compiled by Carol H. Sibley, Curriculum Librarian, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, Minnesota, 2/01.