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  • Recent Professional Resources for the Elementary Mathematics Teacher

    Mathematics Journals for Elementary Teachers

    Journal for Research in Mathematics Education
    Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School
    Teaching Children Mathematics (Arithmetic Teacher)

    Curriculum Center Reference Resources in Mathematics

    Curriculum Handbook. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1999. Curric. Ref. 375 C976
    Seymour, Dale. Encyclopedia of Math Topics and References: A Resource for Projects and Explorations. Dale Seymour, 1996. Curric. Ref. 510.712 S521e
    The Wonderful World of Mathematics: A Critically Annotated List of Children's Books in Mathematics. NCTM, 1998. Curric. Ref. 016.51 W872 1998 

    Professional Books for Elementary Mathematics Teachers

    Althouse, Rosemary. Investigating Mathematics with Young Children. Teachers College Press, 1994. QA 135.5 .A534 1994
    Assessment in the Mathematics Classroom. NCTM, 1993. QA 1 .N3 1993
    Atkinson, Sue. Mathematics with Reason: The Emergent Approach to Primary Maths. Heinemann, 1992. QA 135.5 .M383 1992
    Baggett, Patrich. Breaking Away from the Math Book: Creative Projects for Grades K-6. Technomic, 1995. QA 135.5 .B23 1995
    Baggett, Patricia. Breaking Away from the Math Book II: More Creative Projects for Grades K-8. Technomic, 1998. QA 135.5 .B232 1998
    Baker, Anti Raps and Rhymes in Maths. Heinemann, 1991. QA 135.5 .B2424 1991
    Baker, Dave. How Big Is the Moon?: Whole Maths in Action. Heinemann, 1990. QA 135.5 .B243 1990
    Barone, Angelique. Homework: Effectiveness in Elementary School Math Achievement. Moorhead State University, 1994. Thesis 1195
    Braddon, Kathryn L. Math through Children's Literature: Making the NCTM Standards Come Alive. Teachers Ideas Press, 1993. QA 135.5 .B678 1993
    Burgunder, Anne. Zoolutions: A Mathematical Expedition with Topics for Grades 4 through 8. Scarecrow Press, 1996. QA 135.5 .B836 1996
    Burk, Donna. Math Excursions 1: Project-Based Mathematics for First Graders. Heinemann, 1992. QA 135.5 .B8395 1992
    Burk, Donna. Math Excursions 2: Project-Based Mathematics for Second Graders. Heinemann, 1991. QA 135.5 .B8394 1991
    Bums, Marilyn. About Teaching Mathematics: A K-8 Resource. Marilyn Burns Education Associates, 1992. QA 135.5 .B87 1992
    Burns, Marilyn. A Collection of Math Lessons: From Grades 1 through 3. Math Solution Publications, 1988. QA 135.5 .B79 1988
    Burns, Marilyn. A Collection of Math Lessons: From Grades 3 through 6. Math Solution Publications, 1987. QA 135.5 .B794 1987
    Bums, Marilyn. A Collection of Math Lessons: From Grades 6 through 8. Math Solution Publications, 1990. QA 135.5 .B798 1990
    Burns, Marilyn. Math: Facing an American Phobia. Math Solutions Publications, 1998. QA 135.5 .B839754 1998
    Burns, Marilyn. Math and Literature: K-3. Math Solutions Publications, 1992. LB 1523 .B87 1992
    Coburn, Terrence. Patterns. NCTM, 1993. QA 292 .C63 1993
    Connecting Mathematics Across the Curriculum. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1995. QA 1 .N3 1995
    Cooper, Cathie Hilterbran. Counting Your Way through 1-2-3: Books and Activities. Scarecrow Press, 1997. QA 113 .C657 1997
    Danielson, Charlotte. A Collection of Performance Tasks and Rubrics: Upper Elementary School Mathematics. Eye on Education, 1997. QA 135.5 .D245 1997
    Davidson, Neil. Cooperative Learning in Mathematics: A Handbook for Teachers. Addison-Wesley, 1990. QA 12 .C68 1990
    DeMeulemeester, Katie. Math Projects: Organization, Implementation, and Assessment. Dale Seymour Publications, 1995. QA 11 .D375 1995
    Developing Mathematical Reasoning in Grades K-12. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1999. QA 1 .N3 1999
    The Development of Multiplicative Reasoning in the Learning of Mathematics. State University of New York Press, 1994. QA 135.5 .D49 1994
    First-GradeBook. NCTM, 1991. QA 135.5 .F5 1991
    Flansburg, Scott. Math Magic: The Human Calculator Shows How to Master Everyday Math Problems in Seconds. Morrow, 1993. QA 135.5 .F53 1993
    Fourth-Grade Book. NCTM, 1992. QA 135.5 .F635 1991
    Geary,David. Children's Mathematical Development: Research and Practical Applications. American Psychological Association, 1994. QA 135.5 .G398 1994
    Griffiths, Rachel. Books You Can Count On: Linking Mathematics and Literature. Heinemann, 1991. QA 135.5 .G69 1991
    Heddens, James W. Today's Mathematics. John Wiley, 2001. QA 135.5 .H42 20
    Helping Children Learn Mathematics. Wiley, 2001. QA 135.5 .R49 2000
    Hyde, Arthur. Mathwise: Teaching Mathematical Thinking and Problem Solving. Heinemann, 1991. QA 135.5 .H93 1991
    Janes, Nancy Segal. Counter Logic. Cuisenaire Co. of America, 1996. QA 63.256 1996
    Jennison, Christopher. Baseball Math: Grandslam Activities and Projects for Grades 4-8. GoodYearBooks, 1995. QA 139 .J465 1995
    Kanter, Patsy. Helping Your Child Learn Math. U.S. Dept. of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, 1999. QA 135.5 .K26 1999
    Kanter, Patsy. Quick-and-Easy Learning Centers: Math. Scholastic Professional Books, 1995. QA 135.5 .K34 1995
    Krulik, Stephen. The New Sourcebook for Teaching Reasoning and Problem Solving in Elementary School. Allyn and Bacon, 1995. QA 63 .K76 1995
    Krulik, Stephen. Reasoning and Problem Solving: A Handbook for Elementary School Teachers. Allyn and Bacon, 1993. QA 63 .K776 1993
    Mathematic Methods for Elementary and Middle School Teachers. Wiley, 2000. QA 135.5 .M6955 2000
    Mathematics with Reason: The Emergent Approach to Primary Maths. Heinemann 1992. QA 135.5 .M383 1992
    Moon,Jean. Developing Judgment: Assessing Children's Work in Mathematics. Heinemann, 1997. QA 135.5 .M61558 1997
    Neil, Marilyn S. Mathematics the Write Way: Activities for Every Elementary Classroom. Eye on Education, 1996. QA1135.5 .N285 1996
    Phillips, Elizabeth. Patterns and Functions. NCTM, 1991. QA 135.5 .P49 1991
    Reed, Stephen K. Word Problems: Research and Curriculum Reform. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999. QA163 .R4 1999
    Second-Grade Book. NCTM, 1992. QA 135.5 .S393 1992
    Sixth-Grade Book. NCTM, 1992. QA 135.5 .S543 1992
    Skinner, Penny. What's Your Problem?: Posing and Solving Mathematical Problems, K-2. Heinemann, 1991. QA 135.5 .S55 1991
    Stoessiger, Rex. Natural Learning and Mathematics. Heinemann, 1992. QA 135.5 .S757 1992
    Third-Grade Book. NCTM, 1992. QA 135.5..T485 1992
    VanCleave, Janice. Janice VanCleave's Math for Every Kid: Easy Activities that Make Learning Math Fun. Wiley, 1991. QA 39.2 .V35 1991
    Welchman-Tischler, Rosamond. Math with Connecting People. Cuisenaire Co. of America, 1995. QA118 .W43 1995
    Whiting, David. It's the Story That Counts: More Children's Books for Mathematical Learning, K-6. Heinemann, 1995. QA1135.5 .W465 1995
    Whitin, David. Read Any Good Math Lately?: Children's Books for Mathematical Learning, K-6. Heinemann, 1992. QA 135.5 .W468 1992
    Zaslavsky, Claudia. The Multicultural Math Classroom: Bringing in the World. Heinemann, 1996. QA 135.5 .Z367 1996
    Zawojewski, Judith. Dealing with Data and Chance. NCTM, 1991. QA 273.2 .Z39 1991

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    Compiled by Carol H. Sibley, Curriculum Librarian, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, Minnesota, 9/03.