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Curriculum Materials Center

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  • Math 406: Mathematics in the Elementary School
    Library Resources

    1. Curriculum Bulletins/Guides
      • CMC Bulletin collection—search WebPALS
      • Kraus Curriculum Development Library— the index and some curriculum is available electronically from the CMC K-12 Databases page
    2. Elementary Level Textbooks—search WebPALS or browse in textbooks section under call number 510.
    3. Children’s Books
      • Use bibliographies, such as The Wonderful World of Mathematics: A Critically Annotated List of Children’s Books in Mathematics.Curric. Ref. 016.51 W872 1998.
      • Use electronic bibliography entitled “Mathematics Books for Children” from the CMC web site
      • Search WebPALS under specific topics and add the word “juvenile” to the search.
      • To locate the newest recommended mathematics books for children, search in the bibliography entitled the Horn Book Guide Online available electronically from the CMC K-12 Databases page
    4. Multimedia Materials
      • Search in WebPALS under specific topics.
      • Browse in 510s in CMC multimedia collection.
      • Use electronic bibliography entitled “CD-ROM Programs for Elementary Mathematics” from the CMC web site
    5. Professional Resources—see electronic bibliography from the CMC web pages entitled “Recent Professional Resources”
    6. Journal Articles
      • Journals in Education—Database available through CSA.
      • Education Index—Database available from Wilson Web through the Library’s web page. Includes some full text articles.
    7. Lesson Plans/Resources on the Internet—Use the CMC web site to quickly access recommended sites. Click on “Lesson Plans/Teaching Resources” or “Mathematics.”